Two women discuss issues during snapshot user testing

What is snapshot user testing?

Snapshot user testing is a lightweight version of a traditional usability test. It’s perfect for startups because it’s a quick and cost-effective way to discover issues that put customers off your product.

We’ll test your product or service with three representative users, then take you through the findings in a workshop. That avoids the expense of compiling a time-consuming report.

How does it work?

Snapshot user testing at StartUX is simple to arrange:

  • A StartUX consultant will meet you to discuss your needs and priorities
  • Your consultant generates a plan and script to test your product
  • You choose three participants based on guidelines agreed with your consultant
  • Your consultant will conduct the test sessions, which are fully recorded. You can watch if you like (which we’d recommend)
  • Following the workshop, you and your consultant take part in a workshop where you discuss the most important findings. That enables you to pinpoint the most important issues to address and set up a usability action plan.

What can you test?

We can test full releases, MVPs and wireframes with this technique. However, as it can be difficult for members of the public to imagine functionality on static wireframes, so it might be better suited to those with interactive wireframes or prototypes, minimum viable products (MVPs) or more formal product releases.

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