Graeme Aymer

Graeme is a UX Consultant and StartUX Lead at City Interaction Lab, the Human-Centred Design consultancy within City, University of London. The lab is the commercial arm of the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design.

StartUX is a project run in conjunction with Capital Accelerate and Tech Superstars (CASTS), a programme backed by the EU aiming to help London’s digital startup and small business sector to flourish. StartUX enables these businesses to benefit from the Lab’s UX know-how at no cost, through training, expert reviews and snapshot user testing.

As a StartUX Lead, Graeme provides these services to eligible clients, as well as required marketing, administration and business development. As a UX consultant, Graeme supplies similar services to Lab clients.


Helen Calderon

Helen is a UX consultant at City Interaction Lab, working on the Start UX initiative, bringing UX to small businesses and start-ups in London. She is also in her second year of a part-time M.Sc. in Human-Computer Interaction Design.

Helen has worked for several small businesses, most recently as Digital Product Manager for a healthcare publisher where she managed the development of several websites and apps. She’s an expert with Google Analytics and is also happy jumping into code repositories and making front end commits. Helen’s background also includes business development and digital marketing for independent publishers.