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What is an expert review?

In an expert review, a StartUX consultant will examine your product or service from your customers’ point of view to see how easy it is to use. They’ll evaluate it by carrying out key tasks like signing up, paying and finding information.

Expert review is a quick, effective way to discover issues that could confuse or annoy your customers. Also, it’s well suited to early stage designs, such as wireframes.

How does it work?

You and your consultant will have an introductory meeting to find out more about your product and users. You’ll discuss your goals and ideas, personas if you have them, and key journeys you’d like investigated.

They’ll then carry out the evaluation and compile a report about the usability issues they discovered. They’ll either send you a copy or discuss the findings with you face-to-face.

What can be reviewed?

We can review your released product, minimum viable product or wireframes. To review wireframes, we’ll need a full set for each journey.

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