Snapshot Testing for Web

Snapshot User Testing is a stripped back version of user testing which provides user feedback on digital products in a fast and affordable way. It can be run within City Interaction Labs user testing facility on at clients sites depending on the needs of the project.

What can we test?
We are able to test any digital product or service at any stage of development from prototype to release. This could include user testing any of the following:

  • Mobile / Desktop Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Computer Games
  • Smart TV apps
  • Smart devices
  • Virtual Reality (VR) games / experiences

How does it work?
Snapshot User Testing involves the following three stages.

Stage 1: Testing preparation (1/2 day)
Our researcher will meet with your project team and uncover the key user journeys to be tested. Informed by this meeting our researcher will prepare a test script made up of tasks to be carried out by participants during the user testing.

Stage 2:Usability Testing (1/2 day)
Our researcher will ask 3 users to work their way through the tasks during a morning of one to one user testing sessions. Sessions will be fully recorded and remotely observable by the clients from a nearby space.

Stage 3: Debrief Workshop (1/2 day)
In the second part of the day, our researcher will run through the high level findings from the user testing with the client team collectively seeking to identify resolutions to issues encountered. This debrief session allows clients to act on insights straight away instead of waiting for a written report. The full recordings of the user testing sessions will securely digitally transferred to the client following the testing.


  • Workshop to discuss key findings and agree actionable recommendations.
  • Recordings of user testing sessions.

Interested? Get in touch!
If you are interested us running Snapshot User Testing on your product then please get in touch via our contact form. We will then be able to let you know if you are eligible for our free or discounted services based on your circumstances.