Expert Review for Web

An Expert Review involves a researcher interacting with your digital product in the mind-set of a typical user This researcher identifies where the user experience can be improved then provides recommendations on how to do this via a written report.

What can we review?
We are able to review any digital product as long as there are screens for the reviewer to look at. These could be simple wireframes or fully realised products. Our researchers can review any of the following:

  • Mobile / Desktop Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Computer Games
  • Smart TV apps
  • Smart devices
  • Virtual Reality (VR) games / experiences

How does it work?
An Expert Review involves the following three stages.

Stage 1: Review preparation
Our researcher will meet with your team in order to learn about the system that is going to be tested. Our researcher will identify the key user journeys to be reviewed and the kinds of dummy data that will be required in order to conduct the expert review (e.g. dummy account and payment information).

Stage 2: Conducting Expert Review
Our researcher will run through each identified user journey in the mind-set of a user reviewing them against design principles. The researcher will make notes of any user experience issues they encounter.

Stage 3: Preparing report with actionable recommendations
Following the expert review our researcher will write up their findings in a report with supporting screenshots. This report will list all of the issues identified during the review along with actionable recommendations.


  • Report incorporating key findings and actionable recommendations

Interested? Get in touch!
If you are interested us conducting an Expert Review on your product then please get in touch via our contact form. We will then be able to let you know if you are eligible for our free or discounted services based on your circumstances.